Friday, April 30, 2010

WP7 Build 6176 "Unlocked"

A long time without blogging but it was a really full period. I would love to have more time for writing and testing, but I have some "stressing" deadlines.
As you probably know Microsoft released the new version of the Windows Phone 7 Development tools and there is a new version of the emulator. The old "unlock method" still works and there is already an unlocked version on XDA Developers and you can download the image here. The new version of the bin doesn't work on the old XDE emulator because there seem to be some changes in XDE hardware emulation. The unlocked image pretty snappy and there are also some new programs.
The best thing is that the unlocked emulator image works for debbuging in VS 2010 on my newly installed Windows 7 x64 on myApple macbook (I've reinstalled 3 times the macbook last week cause I configured more partitions for windows and I finally managed to replace my old Asus notebook). One of the things I've noticed is that an "empty" application uses 12 MBytes of RAM which seems a lot for an app that does nothing.
Hope I will have more time for testing! Have fun with the new tools


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