Thursday, September 8, 2011

BoxFiles for Dropbox v2 Beta

          Dear readers,
  We've just published the first beta of BoxFiles for Dropbox Mango edition :). The beta is available at: zune://navigate/?appid=8cfa8f66-3174-48e1-99b5-f2d0146113e8 and is limited to the first 100 users that will download the app (if we reach that limit and we still have requests we can publish another beta). We've rewritten most of the source code so it needs a good testing and some feedback. Send your problems/suggestions to: .
  The Dropbox library was rewritten from scratch taking out all the 3rd party components (JSON.Net and Hammock), but the featureI am most proud of is the integration with Skydrive. You can now upload your modified Office files back to your Dropbox account.
    We need your help to make our product better. If you can, please tweet the link.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mobile HTML5 Speed Reading Again

 Today I've upgrade my iPad 2 to iOS beta 7 and I was thinking that a more "realistic" comparison for the HTML5 Mobile Speed reading would with the new iPhone compared to a new Windows Phone Mango device (new year new hardware). On my Omnia 7 with 7712 build and video drivers not optimized for Mango I get around 30fps, the same that I was getting on my iPhone 4 with iOs5 beta. I remember that on a tweet I read that, on some devices, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango was doing 60 fps. On the other hand the new iPhone will probable have the A5 processor just like the iPad2 so I've run the same test on my device and the results are not bad at all. The iPad2 with iOs5 beta 7 is doing a stable 60fps. This is the frame rate we can expect from the new iPhone.So Apple and Microsoft are, for now, at the same level and let's hope that the OEM's will optimize their video drivers for Mango in order to get 60 fps, if not it could be a boomerang for Microsoft (the new iPhone, doing 60fps, would smash WP7 Mango that is doing 30-40fps). Hope it won't happen.

Here is the test on the iPad2