Saturday, March 20, 2010

Net CF 3.5 .exe on WP 7

I asked myself: would it be possible to run an executable compiled with NETCF 3.5 run on WP 7?

The answer is very simple: NO for device applications MAYBE for console applications. The reason? There is no System.Windows.Forms library in .NETCF 3.7. Maybe a native application could run but you have to consider that's a new shell in WP 7 so some things changed. For netcf apps even if you could install the old NETCF it will still not work because the shell is different.

The only solution would be to install the old shell, but doesn't make any sense to do it.

So let's stick with Silverlight and XNA.


  1. Surely the missing libraries could just be implemented by a 3rd party. It would be a lot of effort and probably buggy, but its still possible and I wouldn't be surprised to see someone from XDA attempt it.

  2. Did you see that the mscorlib library contains a System.Reflection.Emit namespace ?

    What is strange is that I can't manage to run a test program that create a DynamicMethod on the emulator, althought the namespace and class exists in mscorlib!!!

  3. I have omitted to say that the mscorlib library in question is the one given from the Dump.rar file, not the one available in the Visual Studio References folder...

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