Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Update the HTC Mazaa to Windows Phone 7.8

 HTC Mazaa was the first ever Windows Phone to run the 7.5 build of the OS. It is a really great development device (as performance it is somewhere between the gen 1 devices and the gen 2 devices) but unfortunately it haven't received any updates since the RTM release build 7.10.7720.68. If you still have RTM build on it you will probably see that you are not even able to access the Store anymore. The bad news is that it will not receive any automatic updates but if you want you can still manually update it to the Windows Phone 7.8 version on it.
   To manually update the device you will need :
  1. Zune 4.8 final (build 4.8.2345.0)
  2. Download the WP7_update_tool.rar and install the UpdateWP package for your platform (x86 or x64). This is version 4.8.2134.0. You can download the Update tool from this post
   What you will need to do is simulate the steps that Zune does when it updates your phone. At each step there are a number of cab that you can send to the phone at the same time. BACKUP YOUR PHONE before updating. This tutorial starts the update from the version 7.10.7720.68 up to 7.10.8858.136. If you have a heigher version than 7.10.7720.68 just start from the step of the version you have. We assume that your Mazaa has the following language packs installed (if you have less just remove the corresponding cabs from each step):
  • German (0407)
  • English - United States (0409)
  • French (040C)
  • Italian (0410)
  • English - United Kingdom (0809)
  • Spanish (0C0A)
   At each step just run:
 updatewp /iu [concatenate cab's from step here with space between]

Here are the cabs for each step:

1) 7.10.7720.68-7.10.7740.16

2) 7.10.7740.16-7.10.8107.79

3) 7.10.8107.79-7.10.8112.7

4) 7.10.8112.7-7.10.8773.98

5) 7.10.8773.98-7.10.8779.8 

6) 7.10.8779.8-7.10.8783.12

7) 7.10.8783.12-7.10.8858.136

If you have problems updating please let me know.

BTW I am not responsible if you BRICK your phone :) . Here is mine updated:



  1. Does this enable the SD card slot so I can have more storage?

  2. lang packages are not being installed....error: pre installation update package(super package) isn't signed
    kindly help