Friday, August 13, 2010

Smartphone Market

I saw today the Gartner chart with the smartphone market shares for the Q2 2010. What really impressed me was the "jump" Android did:

What it is interesting is that the iOS won 1% which I think it's the 1% RIM lost but everyone else lost market shares in favor of Google. Looks like it doesn't matter if you have the best OS on the market today(iOs) , but it's better to be "open" - good adoption from the hardware makers, a lot of developers/fans porting/improving/updating Android OS on hardware already on the market (almost every WM owner hopes for an Android port for their devices), wide range of prices for the hardware and developers that have almost everything that they need (multitasking, access to all the resources of the device, error reporting of the applications).
In fact I still don't understand why Microsoft "blocked" the multitasking in favor of battery life. Let full multitasking and then implement a mechanism inside the OS which warns/reports to the user how much an application "eats" in terms of processor/battery. The user can than decide if he sacrifices or not battery life for a certain application. It's always better to warn and let the owner decide than to decide for them. A lot of developers at WP7 Lab in Milano did not agreed with the new tombstoning mechanism but developers obey the rules which might not the case for the owners.
I expected/wanted so bad WP 7 to be perfect, complete from the beginning to have every functionality that it had but with the new UI/programming model instead now it has what it was missing before and misses what it already had. There is still much to be done to get back Microsoft back do to where it was two years ago in the smartphone market.



  1. You should help the "owners" get it perfect. Use your emulator unlocking skills to help us get a root and a function file browser and some multitasking! Then hopefully the third party app developer scene will grow like the iphone does with cydia and rock or how android is now. And give "owners" cool apps like n64emulators and wifi tethering etc...Then

  2. >>I expected/wanted so bad WP 7 to be perfect, complete from the beginning...

    Me too!
    We started mobile dev in the early pocket pc days. Have been happy with Windows.Mobile - and then had to switch over to the iPhone (our Customers wanted "fully functional devices".
    And there we've been missing multitasking and we had to "learn" a new database system (Sqlite).
    We had to get used to "registered URLs" (call other apps via URL instead of "StartProcess").
    But anyhow it worked.
    With OS 4 Multitasking came and we've been almost happy - except the fact that we are "MS adicted" and Apple is "a bit different" :)

    Then the rumors about WP7 arrived and we thought we could simply "switch back".
    But what must we find out?
    No Database, No Multitasking, No Clipboard, No...

    All has to be done "via cloud" - but (very important for us) offline scenarios have poor support.
    Next we found a bug wich makes the use of OAuth 2.x impossible. But who cares - it's beta.
    BUT - a few days ago we heared the "great news" Release on Sept. 16th - Store open to submit WP7 apps soon after this

    Will the bug be fixed? Of course no! "It's known and on our radar..."

    So instead of a compareable great new device wich we "planed" to use in business scenarios we get the ability to submit apps to the store.
    What apps? Those not tested on a real device? Those only working online due to the missing DB Support? Those using "strange things" due to the fact that OAuth doesn't work?
    Or those using RIA - without authentication of course! REST? Hmm, the stack only suppoorts post and get (afaik)...

    As a customer of mine said: I don't think we'll buy a "cloud advertisment device" - we need something stable, secure and functional. And 80% of the time our devices are "disconnected". iPhone is great - why change?
    I hope the things change really soon.
    Maybe "game developers" are happy with WP7 - but we build (primarily) integrated business apps.
    I'd really love to close my MacBook and fire up VS to build mobile apps