Friday, July 23, 2010

WP7 SqliteClient with transaction support

I've updated the preview and implemented the transaction-commit-rollback mechanism.
For 1050 rows the results are:

Without transaction: 13.088 sec
Using transaction: 0.474 sec

For more rows you will get even better results.

The link to the project is the one from the previous post

Enjoy the update



  1. Great work!
    Do you have any plans to completely implement a client? Or will this stay just a proof of concept?

  2. When I shutdown the emulator and start it up again my database is gone. Have you experienced the same behavior on a real device as well?

    I'm going to have a look at the code now to see whether I can track what the designed behavior is.

  3. The emulator is always reset when you close / start it.
    You may have noticed that also your "installed" apps are gone.
    This doesn't occure on real devices.

  4. Yeah I noticed that too. It is sometimes quite annoying to test on the emulator. I would really like to have a real device to test on.

  5. I would need a real device for implementing/testing otherwise there the library could be unusable on a real device (especially on the speed aspect)

  6. Bart you could use one of my projects posted that saves/loads the isolatedstorage associated to the app to the computer using WCF(there is also the source code) . Anyway Microsoft considered that app that sell on the Marketplace are more important than libraries so I don't have a real device for testing :(. Pretty disappointed but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I will buy one when it hits the market.

  7. I'm afraid that it seems to be impossible for this version to open files in the latest emulator :(

  8. The problem seems to be that this plugin can't read SQLite databases correctly, only databases created with the library is working so far.

  9. @Sir.Haxalot, I too had this problem. But seems like on WP7, even "Select" statements work only when you copy the database to IsolatedStorage.

    Copy it and then it is working properly now.

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  12. update query is not working, ie. executes successfully, but no change in table. why?

    1. Same here. Is there an solution?
      Best regards

  13. Are there any updates to this project? This rocks!

  14. Hi,

    Is it possble to connect with this client to an online database?

    I want to do some synchronazation with and online database, but I dont know kow to do that.

  15. hi,dear sir:

    I got a problem about asia character in 'like' searching.
    I try to search a chinese word ,ex: select * from orders where customername like '陳志%' ,the result numbers always zero.but i try to execute the sql in visual studio (using the other sqlite provider) ,the result is work!! why? please help me!! thanks

  16. How can I retreive data from db?? I use a SELECT... but, how I can insert the result of my query into some variable? In Desktop programming I use DataReader for example...

  17. how i embed database file in windows phone application