Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WP7 Suggestions

Today at Remix I had the opportunity to play for the first time with a WP7 device (it was an LG flashed with a build from last week that includes the XBOX Live hub) . The device looks nice and pretty responsive.

Playing with the LG there are some suggestions that came me to mind and that could be implemented (improvements from my point of view):

  • In the call answer menu in the current build there is a big image and two small buttons (Answer and Deny I think) . There is a lot of space for more functionality. One would be the ability to deny a call using an SMS message (I am using it every day on my Omnia 2)

  • This one I've already posted on the WP7 forum. It is important for developers to receive error reporting from applications that they've posted on Marketplace (of course ask the phone user if he agrees to send that error). It would be a feature that would make WP7 Marketplace unique and more attractive.

  • At this moment (from what I've understood) silverlight applications can only intercept the Back button. It is important to be able to intercept/use also the Search button (I saw that this functionality is currently implemented into Marketplace). This way the developer doesn't have to put another button on the UI.



  1. I would suggest a ability to change the disposition of the icons on the apps menu... it´s in a list ordering... so.. like the PC Windows... we should be able to change it to list, details, side by side, miniatures and so on... it´d be great!

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